Wardrobe legs 213mm NEW

Wardrobe legs 213mm NEW
Wardrobe legs 213mm NEW - photo 1
Wardrobe legs 213mm NEW - photo 2
Wardrobe legs 213mm NEW - photo 3
Wardrobe legs 213mm NEW - photo 4
Wardrobe legs 213mm NEW - photo 5
Wardrobe legs 213mm NEW - photo 6
890.00 грн

Dimensions: 290x30x260
Weight 1kg
Delivery across Ukraine 50-100 UAH
Production Ukraine.
When paying by cash on delivery, the client pays the commission for the transfer of funds.
Special prices for manufacturers and dealers.

Legs for wardrobe-bed 213 mm from floor to facade
Gray paint, set of 2
Connecting console for legs:
840мм- 437UAH
940мм- 489UAH
1240мм- 645UAH
1440мм- 749UAH
1640мм- 853UAH
1840мм- 957UAH
1940мм- 1009UAH
2040мм- 1060UAH

When purchasing you will receive: 

Delivery in Ukraine

Warranty 24 months

Installment 0%


Product description: 

Convenient legs for a wardrobe bed, the height is suitable for the use of Ukrainian and Italian mechanisms. MLA 108.1, MLA 108.2, MLA108.4, MLA 108.6, MLA 400, MLA 209, MLA 218

When installing the connecting console, folding the wardrobe bed becomes convenient. With one movement, you open two legs at once. The feet are equipped with a scratch damper for the floor covering. Nominal leg load 300 kg.

The connecting bracket is not included in the price of the legs. The cost of the connector is 270 UAH / m2.

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*  image and color may not differ significantly from the original product