Installment for the purchase of furniture from 0%

If you want to buy new furniture without paying the full amount at once - the company "Smart Mebel" will help you make the purchase.
We provide you with the opportunity to purchase any product worth from UAH 500 and above in our store on credit.
You no longer have to save money to buy a wardrobe bed in the bedroom, to update the furniture in the living room, to purchase a modern kitchen equipped with built-in appliances.
Don't put off your dream until tomorrow, enjoy the coziness and comfort of your home today!

How to get a loan for furniture

  1. Check with the "Smart Mebel" manager for availability of goods;
  2. Reserve goods;
  3. For Alfa-Bank, submit an application through the Smart Mebel manager;
  4. For PrivatBank, payment via ternimal in Smart Mebel salons;
  5. For Monobank you need to have app ''monobank'' and acсess to the "pay in installments" service;
  6. Sign an agreement with Alfa-Bank, Monobank, Privatbank;
  7. Place an order for furniture;
  8. Required documents (passport + identification code).


Name of the bank

An initial fee

Amount of credit

Loan terms

Monthly commission


From 0%


To 8 months



From 0%

To 100 000 grn

То 10 months

0%+5% commission


From 0%

To 50 000 grn

То 12 months

To 2,9%

You can apply for a loan in our salon and in any branch of a bank convenient for you.

All our clients have the opportunity to purchase goods by installments from PrivatBank and Alfa-Bank. To do this, you need to be the owner of one of the cards.

Advantages of buying in installments:

  • Favorable conditions - complete absence of interest or minimum commission (depending on the purchased product).
  • Time saving - checkout in 30 seconds.
  • Ease of execution - the contract is a check with all the necessary details (no documents are needed: income statement, TIN, passport).
  • Convenient repayment - you can make payments to the card without visiting the bank.
  • The possibility of instant installments.

For more detailed terms of purchase by installments, ask our managers. You can clarify the details by calling: (098) 592-80-89; (044) 592-80-89.