When to order furniture? Before or after the repair?

The common mistake of most people is untimely work with furniture. How does this happen?
There can be 3 situations directly:
1. You have a design project of your home, and you already clearly understand what your furniture will look like, somewhere you even realize what materials they will be made of.
2. You do not have a design project and you generate all the ideas yourself. In this case, you may have "a type of competent executive worker"
3. You have neither a design project, nor a competent executive worker, and your neighbor, a handyman, tells you how everything will be beautiful.
In whatever situation you find yourself in these three, the result will be one - you will not get the furniture you want. But you will have to order furniture for ready-made repairs, because you do not have a processed furniture project, and plumbing, electrical outlets, ventilation pipes, etc. already has. And no one wants to break the walls, move the sockets, pipes and get involved in the repair process after its actual completion.
So, when to start working with furniture?
Ideally, a furniture company should be sought at the same time as the people (organization) that will be repairing you. And start working with furniture makers and repairmen in parallel. Competent furniture makers will not only make projects for future furniture, but will also be able to provide plans for its arrangement. And if you are very lucky, the designer will be able to help you in choosing finishing materials, lighting lamps, and just sketch a lot of good advice.
But the most important thing that you will receive from the furniture company are technical tasks for builders on removal of engineering communications, according to projects of your furniture. This directly applies to the kitchen, where mistakes are often made during repairs. In the same way you will receive technical tasks on installation of mortgage for the future fastening of difficult furniture designs. Honest furniture makers will provide you with author's supervision over the progress of construction work in accordance with their terms of reference. At the same time will come to the established checkpoints as much as necessary.
In a situation when your repair is carried out for the design of the project, and you do not have a furniture project yet, you get the illusion that someone has already thought it all out and everything will turn out as in the picture. But practice shows otherwise. At the end of the repair is performed on the basis of the project of interiors, you begin to choose a contractor who will manufacture the furniture. In this case, the cost of furniture in the image you do not even know. This is where the pitfall lies. You calculate your product according to the task of the interior designer and the cost of this product can exceed all reasonable limits. A long work begins on the choice of alternative materials and accessories. As a result, the appearance of the product itself changes. But what about the repairs, which were done under a beautiful picture? In fact, furniture companies have to get away, as they say, from what we have. Only you will suffer. You will not get the furniture of your dreams.
Resume. Build a house, buy an apartment, start repairs - look for a furniture supplier. Develop furniture projects with him, calculate them, demand technical tasks for builders, author's supervision over construction works. The combination of all these connections will lead to the fact that you will get the expected result.
P.S. All of the above is not fiction or conjecture. Remember that the furniture of your dreams is a reality, but it is worth thinking about it in advance!