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Where do you need to make an electrical outlet?

The socket should be located at the installation site of the module at a height of no more than 70 cm from the floor. It should be a plastic socket with two wires. The decorative plastic strip must be removed from the socket. As a last resort, it can be two wires in the wall.

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Is it possible to order a sofa for the horizontal module?

A sofa for a horizontal bed can of course be made. Sofa model for horizontal bed sofa-box (as in the video). It turns out a comfortable large sofa, more than 2 meters. In the sofa box itself, useful storage niches can be organized. The length of the seat is 2100mm.

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What transformation mechanisms does we use?
We have the largest selection of quality transformation mechanisms. We offer Italian production, German and Ukrainian own production.
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What is the guarantee for the mechanisms
Warranty for mechanisms made in Italy - 36 months,
warranty for mechanisms made in Germany and Ukraine - 18 months,
for shock absorbers, made in Turkey, a guarantee of 6 months.
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What determines the final cost of the project?

All prices that we have on our website are indicated for the basic module of the transforming bed in the amount of 1400 * 2000 for a double bed and 900 * 2000 for a single bed, SWISSKRONO chipboard from the standard line, without additional options, so the final cost of the project depends on the materials you choose, type of mechanism (Ukrainian, Italian, German), the presence of an additional option (soft headboard, sockets, lights, cabinets). Delivery and installation are also paid additionally.

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Can I change the color of the bed / fabric?

Yes, you certainly may. All options for furniture designs that are presented on the site are just examples. We manufacture custom-made furniture. You and the designer discuss all the details and the final design of your project.

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Where can I see the furniture live?

Our furniture can be viewed live in our showroom at the address: Severo-Syretskaya str., 1. The salon is open every day, seven days a week from 10 to 19. And also at the address: ul.Polyarnaya, 20D, in the shopping center "Epicenter", entrance D, second floor. The salon is open daily, without weekends from 10 to 20. We will make for you a full presentation, both online and online, about our smart furniture.

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What dimensions of the bed are the transforming furniture made for?
Convertible furniture is made for standard berth sizes:
-90x200 cm;
-120x200 cm;
-140x200 cm;
-160x200 cm;
-180x200 cm.
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Is there delivery to other cities in Ukraine?

We ship furniture all over Ukraine. Shipment Kiev-Warehouse, delivery at carrier tariffs.

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How do you pay?

According to the invoice, prepayment, 70% of the total cost, before shipment from the warehouse, pay the rest of 30%.

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Do we have installments and installments?
Yes, we cooperate with Alfa-Bank, FUIB and PrivatBank.
AlfaBank: Installment from 0 to 5% for up to 10 months. The maximum furniture price rises in 10 months by 5%
FUIB: 0% installment plan up to 3 months. * you need to have a FUIB card
PrivatBank: Installment 2.9% every month up to 12 months.


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Is it possible to make furniture to order?

We have our own production and, in addition to serial transforming furniture, produce custom-made furniture. We are engaged in the manufacture of kitchens, living rooms, dressing rooms, bedrooms, hallways, office furniture, trade furniture. Our designers will help you design your furniture and offer ideas for creating the perfect interior.

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