Elite kitchen - the rules of design and design of the kitchen of your dreams

How to choose the layout for your dream kitchen?
Before starting all work, you should decide on the layout of the room and how to make it as functional and convenient as possible. You should think about the location of equipment (stove, refrigerator), the location of the sink, the number of cabinets, the necessary furniture, and so on. It is imperative that the arrangement of things meets the laws of ergonomics.
Ergonomics is a science that studies the extremely comfortable interaction between man and space.
In this science there are both general standards and factors that affect the personal characteristics of a person. You should first think over and analyze how often you plan to use the kitchen, how many people will gather for meals, how many people will cook at the same time, what household appliances will be installed and where. You should also decide which dishes will be cooked more often and how often you will have to use the oven. Do not forget about how much you plan to store things, such as dishes.
The dimensions of appliances and furniture are also taken into account.
In order for the kitchen to look really impressive and it can be called elite, you need to think carefully about all the details and nuances. So, for example, there is the concept of a "working triangle". The working triangle is the name of the area between the refrigerator, sink and stove. In this area, something should not interfere with a person, since all work processes go through here during cooking: a person takes food from the refrigerator, washes them in the sink, uses the area for cutting and cleaning food, and then the stove is connected for cooking.
How to decide on materials for an elite kitchen?
The secret of competent and visually pleasing design of an elite room of any type is to pay attention to all the little things and nuances, even insignificant ones. In elite kitchens, the emphasis in the layout is placed on the most comfortable conditions for cooking, for example, the presence of convenient additional lighting that can be turned on automatically using a sensor. Also, additional lighting for the boxes (internal) is installed, ventilation of the facades is mounted to avoid the appearance of mold, and so on.
Premises for the elite and middle classes for cooking may seem the same in terms of level, but elite kitchens noticeably stand out against the background of low-budget ones not only by their high cost and competent layout, but also by the decoration inside the furniture. So in the elite premises, even the internal facades are decorated with expensive materials, in which dishes and other things are stored. Often they are decorated with leather, a thin layer of aluminum, solid wood. Both natural and technological materials are used for finishing the countertops: granite and marble.
Household appliances and furniture for elite kitchen
Expensive household appliances differ from budget ones not only in their chic look, but also in their markedly different functionality. Home appliance brands, which can be called elite, try to fill their products with the maximum number of useful functions.
Expensive home appliances are a luxurious exterior, quality, utmost comfort in work and a guarantee. Household appliances simply have to be reliable, of high quality and meeting modern technologies, so that they not only look beautiful and harmonious in the overall kitchen interior, but also be multifunctional and easy to use.
The choice of furniture should also be given enough attention, because it depends on how convenient and easy it will be to use the room, as well as how impressive it will look. Here, of course, you can give free rein to imagination and "get creative" by experimenting with different styles and furniture of different prices, but the solutions should not be too flashy and eccentric.