Latch for wardrobe-bed

Latch for wardrobe-bed
Latch for wardrobe-bed
70.00 грн

width 60mm thickness 11mm height 13mm

Latch for wardrobe bed is installed for additional fixation of the bed.

The single bed has 1 fixer. For one-and-a-half and two-bedroom two clips.


When purchasing you will receive: 

Delivery in Ukraine

Warranty 24 months

Installment 0%


Product description: 

Install the latch lock on the wardrobe bed for additional fixation. The opening of the bed will be done with additional effort to avoid unwanted opening of the bed by children.

Also, the retainer firmly positions the closed bed strictly in the center of the wardrobe, ensuring always uniform gaps around the front of the bed. For transformation mechanisms based on gas shock absorbers, the latches will additionally secure the lifting bed, even when the force of the shock absorbers will weaken over time. We recommend that you use one clip for single vertical beds, and two clips for other beds. The "male" of the retainer is attached to the front part, and the counterpart "mother" is attached to .