BOOK sale transformer table transformation mechanism

BOOK sale transformer table transformation mechanism

Transformer coffee table mechanism.

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The transformation mechanism is specially made for BOOK type transformer tables. The BOOK sale mechanism is the younger model of the BOOK mechanism. For this type of product, the strength of the fastening mechanisms and stability under constant dynamic loads are important. Thanks to the frame structure, this mechanism has excellent rigidity characteristics. The simplified frame made it possible to significantly reduce the cost of manufacturing the mechanism, while the performance characteristics remained at the same level as that of the time-tested BOOK mechanism.
Our company manufactures a range of transformation mechanisms for transformer tables: DESK, KOMFORT, BOOK, ELEVATOR. And for each of these types, we always have the necessary transformation mechanisms in place. A feature of the transformer table is the versatility of use. When folded, the transformer table can be compactly placed in any corner of the apartment and serve as a coffee table, and when unfolded, the table will turn into a full-fledged dining table for a large number of guests. The transformer table is an excellent solution for small-sized rooms and for those who like rational use of the usable area.
Thanks to the transformation mechanism, the table can also be made of any height with a fixed table top size. The minimum dimensions are 600x460x150, and the maximum ones are selected individually for your room. The advantage of this mechanism is the double spring + gas damper lifting system. The highest rigidity of the mechanism among the competitive models. The best structural rigidity among competitors
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