Mechanisms for transforming sofas: varieties, advantages

Transformable furniture is gaining popularity. Not surprising, because most people live in rather modest small apartments. It is rather difficult to place everything you need in a limited space. In such cases, transforming furniture comes to the rescue. But, no matter how good the product is, it has its own term of exploitation. It so happens that furniture is still quite usable if you replace  the transformation mechanisms  . We will tell you about their varieties and where you can get them. It's about folding sofas.

Dolphin.  Many corner sofas are based on the dolphin transformation mechanism. The term originated from the fact that one of the components of the sofa jumps out, which is very similar to the behavior of dolphins. The advantages of such sofas are ease of transformation, large sleeping space and the presence of a linen box.

Eurobook.  Especially popular sofa transformation mechanism. It is convenient and easy to operate. With no extra effort, you can turn your sofa into a place to sleep. The mechanism of the mechanism is simple: the front part protrudes forward, and the backrest turns into a convenient and comfortable mattress.

Book.  This mechanism harmoniously combines comfort and simplicity. Its main advantage is its relatively low cost.

Pantograph.  Using this mechanism not only turns the sofa into a sleeping place, but also ensures the integrity of the floor covering. You need to lift the seating piece up and forward. Here the structure is triggered and the sofa smoothly sink to the floor without damaging it. And the back will lie on top of the laundry drawer.

Boomerang.  Such sofas consist of a place for a bed, a backrest, a seat and elbows. To turn the sofa into a sleeping place, you just need to press down on the back of the sofa and the whole structure will decompose.

American clamshell  . Such   sofa  transformation mechanisms  provide for triple folding. In this design, the sleeping place is placed across, inside the sofa, unfolding in three stages. As a result, you get a comfortable double bed. The "highlight" of such a sofa is in a mattress on an orthopedic spring block.

Telescope and accordion.  Used in sofas for everyday use. They are simple and unpretentious.

Roll-out  . This mechanism is considered to be the most durable. If you need a sofa that will often fold out, then ask the seller what transformation system was used in it. To turn the sofa into a bed, you need to stretch out the front part, which will pull the other two with it. The mechanism works thanks to the presence of rollers and brackets.