Convertible table BOOK

Convertible table BOOK
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Height: 450 mm (750 mm unfolded);
width: 750 mm;
length: 750 mm (unfolded 1500 mm).

Price on request.
It is possible to choose the colour of the product.
More than 800 colors.
The mechanism for this product made in Italy.

When purchasing you will receive: 

Delivery in Ukraine


Warranty 24 months

Installment 0%

Designer services


Product description: 

The convertible table BOOK is one of the most convenient and compact types of furniture for a modern home. The convertible table BOOK got its name because of the design: when folded it looks like a book. You can unfold this table if you open the side walls and substitute supports under them. If the table is unfolded - the book is open, the table is folded - the book is closed.
It is possible to buy the convertible table BOOK of any size, shape, colour and materials from which the table is made. When buying a folding table, people, first of all, want to save space in the house. When this table is not in use, it almost does not take up space, but if guests suddenly come, it can instantly be turned into a large table.
Some convertible tables BOOK are made on legs with rubberized wheels, so you can easily move them to the desired place in the apartment yourself.
The convertible table BOOK is an excellent solution for a living room, because it can act as a coffee table, and when you need, it can be used as a table that can accommodate a large number of people.
This piece of furniture art will take its rightful place in small spaces. A little effort - and again a compact coffee table, at which you can flip through your favorite issue of a magazine or newspaper, drink tea or coffee. For every apartment a convertible table is an indispensable piece of furniture.
A little convertible table-book of any design can be used for any of your needs and ideas for decorating an apartment; you can put a vase of flowers, a reading lamp or a tea set on it, which will complement your interior design.
For your convenience, convertible tables-books are made with drawers and shelves that allow you to store dishes and napkins in them.
Our company "Smart Mebel" offers you convertible tables-books both of the standard version and on the order. Transformation mechanisms will be offered to you in a separate order.
We manufacture furniture using modern equipment and use certified and eco-friendly materials and quality fittings.
Trust our highly qualified specialists and with new furniture your home will amaze you.