3,5 M - Wardrobe bed HF -160

3,5 M - Wardrobe bed HF -160
3,5 M - Wardrobe bed HF -160 - photo 1
3,5 M - Wardrobe bed HF -160 - photo 2
3,5 M - Wardrobe bed HF -160 - photo 3
3,5 M - Wardrobe bed HF -160 - photo 4
3,5 M - Wardrobe bed HF -160 - photo 5
3,5 M - Wardrobe bed HF -160 - photo 6
3,5 M - Wardrobe bed HF -160 - photo 7
3,5 M - Wardrobe bed HF -160 - photo 8
65 715.00 грн
N 100-56

Murphy Bed HELFER
-mattress size 1600*2000, up to 180 mm in height
-laminated chipboard SWISSKRONO to choose from 14 decors
-reinforced side posts of the Murphy Bed
-reinforced metal lamellar frame
-HELFER transformation mechanism

- bed size range 900 * 200, 1400 * 2000, 1600 * 2000, 1800 * 2000
- 24 months warranty
- guaranteed service life of 20,000 openings
- the price is indicated for a wardrobe-bed sleeping place 1600 * 2000
- delivery across Ukraine and installation
- detailed instructions for assembly (2.5 hours)
* in the photo is an example of design based on the HELFER bed

When purchasing you will receive: 

Delivery in Ukraine


Warranty 24 months

Installment 0%

Designer services

Product description: 

Model 3.5 M - Wardrobe bed HELFER -160 is a SUPER version of a living room and a comfortable bedroom - two rooms in one! During the day - a living room with a comfortable sofa and multifunctional wardrobes, and at night - a comfortable bed!
Wardrobe bed HF-160 of vertical type is made of high quality laminated chipboard 18mm, facade - laminated chipboard 18mm, Laminated chipboard decors color - White (Nymphea Alba) - facade and Walnut dark - body. The size of the mattress for the HF-160 wardrobe-bed is 200cm x 160cm x 16cm. Recommended models of mattresses from TM Come-For - MiniRoll mattress, MonoRoll mattress, MemoRoll mattress, CocoRoll mattress. This is the best offer for your healthy sleep!
By purchasing a vertical wardrobe bed, you get convenience, comfort and at the same time increase the space in your room.
A wardrobe bed with a vertical lifting mechanism is attached to the wall with its back side. There is also a transformation mechanism that is necessary for folding the bed. With the help of the lifting mechanism, the bed is lowered and raised to an upright position within a few seconds. During the day, the bed is hidden in the closet, it is not visible at all, and a beautiful closet will appear in front of us. When unfolded, the upright bed does not differ from the standard bed. It is made as single or double.
For many decades of work, German transformation mechanisms have convinced of their reliability and proved their quality in the operation of vertical and horizontal wardrobes. Mechanisms of different capacities are used depending on the size of the bed. A more powerful mechanism is used for vertical double wardrobes. Depending on the modification, the transformation mechanisms create a static load force of up to 300 kg and allow the use of a wide range of orthopedic mattresses.
Factory tests cover 20,000 opening and closing cycles of the lifting mechanism, which means several decades of trouble-free operation.