How to choose the firmness of an orthopedic mattress?

The position of the human body during sleep should be as comfortable as possible. The degree of spinal support is largely determined by the firmness of the mattress. In order to find the optimal model, it is necessary to take into account the individual needs of a person.
Varieties of orthopedic mattresses
It is customary to distinguish between spring and springless models. Such mattresses will look appropriate in a room where there is already transformer furniture. Both varieties have clear stiffness criteria.
Stiffness groups of orthopedic mattresses
Before purchasing such a product, you must consider your own age and weight. The fact is that there are three main groups of hardness of orthopedic mattresses. Elderly people should choose soft models. Semi-rigid mattresses are suitable for a normal weight adult. It is recommended to purchase rigid models for children and adolescents, because the formation of their skeletal system has not yet been completed. They are contraindicated for overweight persons.
How to determine the optimal firmness of an orthopedic mattress?
Test the model in action. Lie on your favorite mattress and ask someone around to assess the position of your spine. Ideally the mattress should conform to the shape of the person's body. In this case, the position of the spine should resemble a straight line that is parallel to the floor. If the rigidity is insufficient, the spine flexes. Prolonged exposure to this position can cause back pain. If the line of your hips and shoulders is raised, the mattress is too firm for you. Its use can cause morning swelling, because blood circulation will be impaired due to improper body position.
Hardness zones
Having bought a wardrobe-sofa bed, it makes sense to get an orthopedic mattress. To make it comfortable for people with different builds, you should choose a model with springs of different stiffness. There are three, five and seven-zonal mattresses. The springs are installed in different areas to ensure an even distribution of the load while being used by people with very different builds.