A few tips for caring for cabinet furniture

Everyone wants their furniture to be in excellent condition for many years. But we must remember that even if you buy high-quality cabinet furniture, this does not mean that it will serve you for a long time. Proper care of her is of great importance. It will delight you for a long time, if you follow the rules for caring for furniture.

Cabinet furniture is made of different materials, therefore, when caring for it, you should remember this. The rules for caring for different parts of cabinet furniture will differ.


Our tips will help you keep your furniture looking great for a long time:

1. It is necessary to use cabinet furniture according to its functional purpose. Deviation from the requirements for the operation of furniture will lead to a deterioration in its qualities.

2. The air temperature in the room where the furniture is located should be from +2 ° С to +40 ° С.

3. The distance from cabinet furniture to heating devices should not be less than 0.5-0.7 m in order to avoid deformation of furniture parts.

4. Relative humidity should not exceed 45-70%. Ventilate the room more often.

5. Place cabinet furniture so that direct sunlight does not fall on it, this leads to fading of its surface, as well as cracking of the coating.

6. Do not use extreme force when opening and closing drawers and sliding doors. Avoid mechanical damage.

7. Distribute the load evenly over the entire area of ​​the shelves to avoid breakage and bending.


Features of caring for cabinet furniture:


Care of laminated surfaces. Dust can be removed with a soft dry cloth. For heavy dirt use special polishes. If you are cleaning kitchen furniture, make sure that the polish can be applied in contact with food. Read the instructions carefully. Make sure that moisture does not remain in crevices and joints. Do not place hot objects on laminated surfaces without a thermal pad.

Lacquered furniture maintenance. Over time, such furniture disappears and darkens. To renovate furniture, beeswax-based products or mastic are used. First, the varnished surface is cleaned from dirt, then mastic is applied with a thin layer. After 30-40 minutes, polish with a dry flannel cloth until shiny. To clean the varnished surface from water stains, sprinkle this place with flour, and rub with a cloth dipped in machine oil until the stain disappears.

Polished surface care.It deteriorates from water, it is better to wipe it with a dry cloth. You can lubricate polished surfaces with a mixture of vegetable oil and turpentine. They are mixed in a 1: 1 ratio and applied to a soft tissue. After half an hour, polish to a shine. You can use special furniture polish compounds. A mixture of red wine and machine oil, in equal amounts, removes minor scratches from polished furniture. With a mixture of alcohol and vegetable oil in a 1: 1 ratio, they eliminate whitish spots that form from hot objects. Rub until the spots disappear. Traces of flies are removed with a swab dipped in unsweetened table white wine. Greasy fingerprints can be removed by wiping with talcum powder. You can clean the polished surface with a soft cloth dampened with milk or tea leaves, then wipe dry.

Care of natural wood furniture. These surfaces are cleaned with special wood polishes, you can also use a damp suede cloth, then wipe dry. Avoid using washing powders and laundry soap when cleaning furniture. When removing stains, do not use solvents, you can ruin the top layer of the surface.

Maintenance of metal surfaces. It is not necessary to scrape the surface, and do not use abrasive or hard coated brushes. Polish metal surfaces with a dry, soft suede or plush cloth for a shine.

Leather surface care.If the leather upholstery is dirty, use special care products. Dust is removed with a vacuum cleaner, a special brush or a soft cloth, but do not rub hard, so as not to damage the fibers of the upholstery.

Care for glass and mirror surfaces. It must be remembered that these surfaces are very fragile and may shatter if struck. Use special mirrors and glass cleaning products on a soft cloth for cleaning.

Maintenance of furniture upholstered with decorative fabric. The spots are cleaned with a weak solution of powder, which is dissolved in warm water. Moisten a clean woolen cloth with it and clean the dirty areas, then dry with a soft cloth. Grease stains are removed with a cotton swab moistened with gasoline.

Care of the wardrobe.The roller sliding mechanism, due to which the doors are opened, does not need special care. It is necessary to vacuum the lower wheels, which move along the guides, once a month.

Follow these simple tips and they will help you keep all your cabinetry pieces in good condition for years to come.