PROMOTION Mechanism MLA107

PROMOTION Mechanism MLA107
PROMOTION Mechanism MLA107 - photo 1
PROMOTION Mechanism MLA107 - photo 2
PROMOTION Mechanism MLA107 - photo 3
PROMOTION Mechanism MLA107 - photo 4
PROMOTION Mechanism MLA107 - photo 5
PROMOTION Mechanism MLA107 - photo 6
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5 700.00 грн

Dimensions: 360x90x240 mm
Weight 12.4 kg
Production Ukraina
Special prices for manufacturers and dealers.

Attention: Due to the instability of the exchange rate, the price may change.

Lifting mechanism for the cabinet-bed of the transformer
For beds with a width of 1200mm - 1600mm
Load on the mechanism up to 100kg The
price is indicated only for the mechanism.
Set: left / right half, instructions
Recommended mattress weight up to 30kg.
The recommended weight of the raised berth is up to 100 kg.
The total load on the mechanism, taking into account the weight of the users, is up to 300 kg.

When purchasing you will receive: 

Delivery in Ukraine

Warranty 24 months

Installment 0%

Product description: 

Mechanism for making wardrobe bed MLA 107. The peculiarity of this mechanism is that it is more powerful than the Italian model MLA 108.4. Reinforced springs are used in the MLA107 mechanism. The thickness of the mechanism case is 3mm, for comparison, the imported analogue has 2mm. Thicker metal provides additional rigidity and, as a consequence, reliability of the mechanism during operation. The selection of steel for the manufacture of springs that meet the requirements of this mechanism took more than two years. Laboratory analyzes carried out at the Kiev Institute of Metal Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (micro-X-ray spectral and chemical analysis) showed absolute compliance with GOST 14959-69. Also carried out mechanical tests of this mechanism at the furniture production and in the salons of the company "Smart Mebel" for 2 years, showed excellent performance.
The transformation mechanism for wardrobe beds is based on the balance of the weight of the folding part of the product. If it is a vertical wardrobe bed, then the weight will be distributed along the longer part of the bed, and if it is horizontal, then along the shorter one. In each case, the mechanism is guaranteed to provide the ability to open the bed with minimal effort.
The choice of mechanism for the wardrobe of the bed depends on its size. Each of the types of fittings is distinguished by its own characteristics and unique characteristics in terms of the dynamic load of lifting mechanisms. That is why each type of transformation mechanism is recommended for use for a specific type of bed.
The mechanism of the MLA 107 series is universal for horizontal and vertical bed cabinets. This series has gained particular popularity due to such features as: 1) high reliability and resistance to dynamic loads; 2) the inexpensive cost of the fittings; 3) ease of setup and installation; 4) the functionality of adjusting the mechanism in a small range, but without the need to replace the springs inside the structure.
In our Internet store of wardrobes, beds and accessories, you will find the largest assortment of all types of transformation mechanisms at affordable prices and you can buy them in Kiev or order delivery in any other city of Ukraine.
Due to the instability of the exchange rate, the prices are recalculated at the time of the change in the euro exchange rate.
When paying by cash on delivery, the client pays the commission for the transfer of funds.

Mattress dimensions 2000 mm Х  900 mm 1000 mm 1200 mm  1400 mm 1600 mm 1800 мм 
 mechanism MLA 108/1
vertical bed yes
horizontal bed yes yes yes
 mechanism  MLA 108/2
vertical bed yes yes
horizontal bed yes yes yes
 mechanism  MLA 108/4
vertical bed yes yes   
horizontal bed yes yes  
 mechanism  MLA 108/6
vertical bed yes yes
horizontal bed yes yes
 mechanism  MLA 107
vertical bed yes yes
horizontal bed yes yes yes yes yes

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