Do you want to save space in your apartment? A folding transforming table is what you need!

The limited area of ​​most of our apartments is a heavy legacy from the Soviet past. Residents of the city know not by hearsay that there is little space not only in the kitchen, but also in living quarters.

When buying furniture, you have to take into account every meter. And you need a lot of furniture. A sofa, beds, armchairs, wardrobes and other things are an absolute must. And of course you need a table at which you can receive dear guests, and which will not clutter up precious free space. Designers have long since solved this problem with a transforming table.

Such tables are multifunctional and irreplaceable in everyday life. The compactness and elegant appearance of the table allows you to install it almost anywhere in the house. At the same time, it always fits harmoniously into the overall interior of the room, be it a living room, kitchen or study.

About the mechanism of the transforming table

The modern folding table is completely different from those Soviet remnants that we are used to seeing. Reliable modern mechanisms make the transformation simple, easy and convenient. The ability to quickly change the shape and size of the table allows you to use it for several purposes at once as a magazine, work and dining.

Usually the table can be fixed in two positions: from a low coffee table, it turns into a solid dining table for eight people. 

The lid of these tables can be folded out in three versions:

1. It doubles in width, the second part is placed on a special surface.

2. It doubles in length, rotates around its axis, while the joint of the surfaces is obtained in the center, rests on the central surface.

3. Expands left and right with additional covers that hang along the table.

It is better, of course, to buy tables based on a folding mechanism of imported production. It is more reliable and will last twice as long.

Folding table as an element of the interior

At first glance, buying a folding table is a simple matter, but here you need to take into account many nuances. Determine for yourself which function will be the main one for the table: coffee, dining, work. It should not be forgotten that it should not fall out of the general ensemble of furniture arrangement in the apartment. Consider the type of transformation, the material of the table top, drawers, legs.

Traditionally, natural wood or MDF is used for the manufacture of transforming tables. However, polymers, glass and metal are equally popular. It all depends on the general concept of the interior in the room. Many manufacturers offer custom-made folding tables.