Murphy Bed JUPITER 160 SK-38

Murphy Bed JUPITER 160
Murphy Bed JUPITER 160  - photo 1
Murphy Bed JUPITER 160  - photo 2
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The price is pointed from 1,000 ₴ for a module with a sleeping berth 160x200 cm.
Please, call us for an exact calculation of the cost according to your sizes.
We make furniture to order according to your sizes with materials and fillings to choose.
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Murphy Bed JUPITER
- mattress size 1600*2000, up to 220 mm in height
- laminated chipboard SWISSKRONO to choose from 800 decors
- reinforced side posts of the Murphy Bed
- reinforced metal lamellar frame
- JUPITER transformation mechanism

- bed size range 900*200, 1400 * 2000, 1600 * 2000, 1800 * 2000
- 24 months guarantee
- guaranteed service life - 20,000 openings
- the price is indicated for a Murphy bed sleeping place 1600 * 2000
- delivery across Ukraine and installation
- detailed instructions for assembly (2.5 hours)
* the photo shows an example of design based on the JUPITER bed
* the price is indicated without mattress

When purchasing you will receive: 

Delivery in Ukraine


Warranty 24 months

Installment 0%

Designer services


Product description: 

Murphy Bed is the best way to organize the space both for living-room and bedroom. Good sleep can be provided only by a good orthopedic mattress. Podiatrists warn that simple fold-out sofas are not suitable for daily sleep. It is important that the room remains comfortable and cozy for rest, work and meeting guests.



General sizes of the bed:

  • height 2120mm
  • width 1746mm
  • depth 470mm
  • unfolded depth 2175mm


• Chipboard body: SwissKrono 18 mm. back wall 100% of the bed height

• The maximum thickness of the mattress is 220 mm;

• Facade of laminated chipboard: SwissKrono 18 mm. Consists 3 parts (horizontal division);

• Hoisting mechanism with gas lifts;

• Size of the sleeping berth: 1600 x 2000 mm;

• Sleeping berth  base: orthopedic all-welded frame with lamellas;

• Sleeping berth support: folding leg;

• Packing material: cardboard;

• Number of packages: 5 pcs .;

• Total volume: 0.50 cubic meters;

• Total weight: 132 kg.


ATTENTION: mandatory fastening of the bed box to the wall with anchor bolts !!!


Murphy Bed is delivered unassembled.

There are step-by-step assembly instructions in the set of details for assembling.

We offer you to complement the Murphy Bed with functional furniture modules which are made by individual order.

Take advantage of the installation service of the Murphy Bed by our craftsmen.

The cost of assembly, delivery to the house/to the floor and installation of the product specify with our manager.


 SIZE\DIMENSIONS   Width (mattress) Length (mattress) Width



Single (vertical) 900mm 2000mm 1046mm 470mm / 2175mm 2120mm 27778UAH
Double (vertical) 1400mm 2000mm 1546mm 470mm / 2175mm 2120mm 37664UAH
Double (vertical) 1600mm 2000mm 1746mm 470mm / 2175mm 2120mm 37907UAH
Double (vertical) 1800mm 2000mm 1946mm 470mm / 2175mm 2120mm 40120UAH