Compact transformer furniture for small and small apartments

Purchasing furniture for small apartments is not an easy task and even partly creative. Furniture for a small apartment should not only be beautiful, comfortable and of high quality - these are general requirements for any furniture - but also maximize the saving of useful living space in the house without compromising comfortable living.

However, today special transformer furniture is produced for small apartments, so the task of choosing is noticeably simplified. So, what kind of transformer furniture exists for a small room? We will consider the types of premises and select the most suitable for each room, as well as for the kitchen and hallway.

Furniture in hallways for small apartments

Let's start from the very beginning, that is, from the hallway - this is the first room that you enter when entering the dwelling. The hallway, even in standard-layout apartments, is usually cramped and small in size, so the most compact furniture is needed here, and this is especially important for a small apartment.

The most common option for a hallway is a universal convertible wardrobe, which can be transformed into an additional hanger. In addition, a special shoe cabinet is often used, which allows you not to clutter up the entrance with shoes, and can be used as a seat if you need to change shoes. Also, convertible furniture in the hallway often has a reclining chair and can be transformed into a seat that can be easily removed when you do not need it.

Upholstered furniture for small apartments

Usually, upholstered furniture for a small apartment should perform two functions: aesthetic and practical, that is, sleeping. The most frequent option in which upholstered compact transformer furniture is produced for a small apartment is a sofa bed and sliding soft corners, which can easily be transformed into full sleeping and double places.

This is especially convenient if you are choosing transformer furniture for a one-room apartment or studio apartment, where the bedroom and living room are combined in one space. A sofa or a couch that gracefully transforms into a bed will not spoil the aesthetics of the room in any way, and you will be able to sleep much more comfortably than if you use an ordinary sofa for this purpose.

Smart furniture for small apartments in the kitchen

Here, perhaps, you will have to approach the organization of the space most carefully, because the footage of even ordinary kitchens is very modest, and even more so in smart housing. To help you use the kitchen space efficiently, today multifunctional furniture for small apartments is produced specifically in the kitchen, where there is already a place to build a stove, refrigerator, oven and, if desired, a washing machine. Such furniture is produced in the form of a wall, where cabinets and drawers are provided for storing kitchen utensils and food items.