St.Svetlytskogo, 35 | Smart-appart

St.Svetlytskogo, 35 | Smart-appart
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In this order, our team has implemented a project for a living room, bedroom and kitchen. The task was a small space that needed to be filled with the maximum opportunity to leave more free space, while all the mechanisms would work quickly and without unnecessary effort.
The apartment is presented in the form of a small studio, where it is very difficult to place a sleeping place, so that at the same time there would be space for a dining table, or minimum space for a small coffee table, so that it does not create problems when moving around the apartment. Therefore, in this situation, the best way out of the situation was our SMART furniture. All structures fit perfectly into the interior, and made it possible to keep a very large amount of space untouched. The area of ​​the apartment is 29 sq m.
For the living-sleeping area, two main chipboard colors were chosen: Nymphea Alba, as well as brown oak. This combination makes it possible to add a bright color to the peach shade of the apartment to dilute the boring interior. Thus, the green sofa helped us create a very interesting and refreshing apartment design. The model of the HELFER bed was used, in which the HELFER transformation mechanism is integrated, as well as the Dolphin sofa transformation mechanism. This mechanism is very convenient in that it makes it possible to easily hide the sofa and lower the bed on top to fall asleep, and in the morning, raise the bed that is no longer needed, and transform the sleeping place into a comfortable and spacious area for guests. Inside, the bed is also equipped with lamps and internal shelves, which eliminates the need to purchase additional lighting products. We must not forget about the soft headboard, which helps to make your evening rest even more comfortable. The closet is a convenient storage space. The location of the shelves inside the cabinet, as well as the drawers, is up to the buyer. This allows us to satisfy the needs and desires of the buyer at the highest level, which is a priority for our company. Also, if the buyer wants a creative design idea, our designers will create something incredible but comfortable. In this project, we also installed closers for the cabinet door, which gives quiet use, and many years of operation of the mechanisms.
The kitchen is very thoughtfully furnished with minimalism. The built-in appliances in kitchen furniture make it very neat and tidy, and most importantly, the same colors as in the living room unite different zones and make it a single whole. We also built a slate panel above the tap, so that we could always write down some information, and not forget it, since it is in a prominent place. The closers on the shelves allow you to make the closing of the shelves very fast, easy and quiet. The mechanism on the upper shelves allows you to open and close them with one touch. The kitchen is equipped with additional lighting with LEDs under the top shelves for clearer visibility.
The design decision was to complement the project with a table-shelf. Since there is no table in the apartment, we decided that a shelf that easily turns into a table can save the situation when you need a place for lunch or for a feast with guests. This rather complex structure fits very well into the task, as well as into the apartment itself, and it is very easy to operate.
The project was carried out for the residential complex "Na Svetlitskogo".