V.Khotyanovka | Office

V.Khotyanovka | Office
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A home office for many is an important place in the house, because they want to have a place for productive work and so that other family members do not distract from important issues and affairs. This house is made in warm, soft colors. And that's why the office was no exception. For many years, there has been an opinion among designers that a working place should be placed near the main light source, that is, near a window. But the important point is that the light should not be in front, but from the side, so as not to create additional stress on the eyes. To add lightness to the main object in the desktop room, it was decided not to create a full-fledged pedestal under the table, which will permanently stand in one place, but to make boxes on wheels. The table was stripped of the old-fashioned solid chipboard racks, and they were replaced with other supports in the protruding metal legs. The blue color became a contrasting and rich accent, which diluted the overall design of the project with bright but small spots. A cabinet was installed behind the workplace for storing documents, books and other personal belongings of the owner of the house. We installed a hanging TV stand in front of the desktop. Throughout the entire project, we offered the customer to remove the handles, and to make facades with types that will open when pressed.