Kinder garden

Kinder garden
Kinder garden - photo 1
Kinder garden - photo 2
Kinder garden - photo 3
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The Smart Mebel team worked on this project for a long time, but at the end of the project they were very pleased with the result.
We have created furniture for a smart kindergarten. The creators of the kindergarten have long thought about how to use the space in the premises correctly and economically. And while looking for a solution, they stumbled upon our site and found exactly the option that most satisfies all their wishes. The MOON bunk bed saves space, as the berths are only used for a couple of hours a day. As a result, we do not reduce the space required for toddlers to play. The standard bed size for such a bed is 90x190cm, but this size assumes that older children would use the bed. Since the child is in the kindergarten up to 6 years old, there is no need for such dimensions, so it was decided to make a bed for a size of 90x120cm. The color for the beds was chosen by Vanilla, which would perfectly match the doorways.